Social Skills Academy

The Social Skills Academy 

The Social Skills Academy is a weekly series of classes that provide concrete, specific social skills instruction with NWSS flair! We use games, activities and crafts to provide social skills instruction, in a fun and engaging manner. Our curriculum draws from a variety of evidence-based social and emotional learning programs, with a NWSS twist!

This class is a good fit for kids who struggle with social skills and haven’t had this type of concrete instruction in the past. Classes are grouped based on the type of skills being taught.  Even though many children have struggles in both areas we encourage you to choose one class or the other.  Attending both classes might confuse your child and slow their progress.

Click here to download a list of the skills being taught in each class.

Social Rules and The Social Detectives meet Wed @ 4:30pm

$70 per month (September – June) or $650 for the school year. 
$20 drop-in