Meet our team

Meet our team!

Our founder:

Kobi Wilson is a special eduction teacher for the Tacoma School District and has a Masters in Special Education. She also has an Associates of Fine Arts from Shoreline College, and a BA in Youth Advocacy from Western Washington University. She was involved in theatre throughout her childhood and into college.  She has over 12 years of experience working with children and teens with a variety of special needs, both in and out of the school!

As a Special Education teacher she brought her love of theatre and improvisation into her classroom and she is now pleased to make it available to children throughout Tacoma and Pierce County.

Our team:

Rain Wilson is the SSTS Co-founder as well as our office coordinator extraordinaire. She is a big supporter of Social Skillz Theatre School, although  Rain prefers her work in the wings and not in center stage. Her experience with special needs has been developed through a lifetime lived with a Nero-diverse brain, as well as supporting some incredible kids with special needs in her family and community.

Jennifer is our cheerleader, people organizer, head thinking skill explainer and emotional encourager.  She will be working as a counselor and helping support individual camper needs and small groups at camp and during classes this year.  Her experience has been honed through 15 years as the parent of a child with autism.